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University of Cagliari
Department of Neuroscience, Centre for Pharmacological therapies in Child & Adolescent Neuropsychiatry,
Neuropsichiatria Infantile –Via Ospedale 119
09124 Cagliari


Project leader

Prof Alessandro Zuddas

Phone: +39 070 6093509
Fax: +39 070 652593

Institute presentation

The Department of Neuroscience at the University of Cagliari is a leading Italian institution for basic and clinical psychopharmacology research. The Department is organized in different Sections, Laboratories and Centres.

The Section of Clinical Pharmacology headed by Professor Maria Del Zompo has been involved in several research projects on efficacy and safety of psychotropic drugs in adult psychiatric patients, including pharmacogenomics, in genetic characterization of several adult neuropsychiatric disorders and, in the last ten years, has been acting as Scientific Secretary for the Ethical Committee of the Cagliari University Hospital and for other local Health Institutions.

The Centre for Pharmacological Therapies in Child & Adolescent Neuropsychiatry, headed by Professor Alessandro Zuddas, is specialized in top-level clinical care and research in neuropsychiatric disorders such as ADHD, Conduct Disorder, Schizophrenia, Mood and Autism Spectrum Disorders. The clinical research is embedded in the Unit of Child neuropsychiatry at the Cagliari, University Hospital. Research into clinical phenotypes characterization and efficacy and safety of medication treatment for psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents is the main mission.

The Cagliari child and adolescent neuropsychiatry groups have access to about 700 new child and adolescent patients per year. The clinical and research teams includes a total of 7 child and adolescent psychiatrists, 2 psychologists, 2 post-doc and 10 trainees. The center has inpatient, day hospital and outpatient facilities.

Previous experience:

Alessandro Zuddas has been Principal Investigator and National coordinator of several national and international research projects in Child Neuropsychiatry (Zuddas et al. 2006, Buitelaar et al. 2007, Marzocchi et al. 2008,) and has an expertise on psychopharmacological treatment and research (DiMartino et al. 2004, Banaschewski et al. 2006, Usala et al. 2008, Vitiello et al. 2009, Dell’Agnello et al. 2009, Atzori et al. 2009). Within his department, he collaborate with the head of Scientific Secretary of his University Hospital.

Research with relevance to the project:

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